Monday, March 27, 2006

Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day
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David and I have been going to Beaufort and Hunting Island now and again for a year. Sometimes we camp the weekend at Hunting Island and sometimes we just drive down for the day. Each time we go we think about climbing the lighthouse. It started out as a joke....the first time we went neither of us had any cash and they don't take plastic for the we couldn't climb it. From then on it was a question of if we would climb the lighthouse TODAY...and something else would come up. We'd get captivated by our fishing, linger over breakfast or decide we were just too darn lazy to make the climb. We didn't realize until after we got home and started downloading the camera's that the dates coincided with our first ever trip to Hunting Island...exactly one year to the day. It was worth the wait!


Blogger David Daniel said...

Basically... it was worth the wait... in so many, many, many ways... but once the time is right, you just do it...

6:28 PM  

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