Friday, March 31, 2006


Our house in AZ is 3 miles from the Mexican border and I have to say it really irritates me when those who live 3000 miles away think they have a good grasp of the border situation and how to handle it.

Safety-wise I don't worry about illegals coming across nearly as much as I worry about the punk kids coming out from Tucson. Being run over by a 22 year old hot-rodding Border Patrol agent is more of a danger than being assaulted by an illegal alien in my neighborhood. Don't even get me started on their 5 AM helicopter patrols buzzing low and hovering. The black metal fence is lighted as brightly as a mall parking lot at night with a glow that obscures the stars and wastes an amazing amount of energy.

I have lived on the border for over 20 years. I have known illegal aliens personally - and years ago my Mom helped one young man get his papers so he could work legally. I guess my Mom was a criminal and I have to say I am proud of her for it. She fronted him $500 (he'd already managed to save almost $1000) and drove him around to the miriad of places he needed to go so that he could attain legal work status. It was amazingly difficult and confusing even for someone who spoke English. If we make this process easier MOST people would be happy to work legally. For those who say "But my ancestors came here legally!" keep in mind that most who went through Ellis Island had only to be free from disease and physically able to work to gain entrance in most cases. In their day the Irish, Italian, Polish, Chinese.... etc... were all looked at scornfully by many of those who had come before. Maybe this too is the American way.

I agree that we need immigration reform but locking down our borders with more ugly fences and armed military and making illegals criminals is not going to fix this problem. It will just make the border into a police state. Weren't we the ones who inspired Germany to tear down her walls? Now we are building our own...

This is a complex problem but I have some ideas about how we could start resolving it.

First: Start a program similar to the WPA that makes Americans work for their housing and food. This country needs all the help it can get to rebuild our infrastructure. Jobs mean skills...... skills mean better jobs. This would also fill some of the jobs that illegals are currently taking and reduce the need for their labors. I'd go a step further and say that if someone is on assistance they should also beon birth control. Sorry but you shouldn't breed them if you can't feed them. I worry a lot more about homegrown poor swelling in population than those who come in looking for a job.

Second: Get a guest worker program started like that of the Brazeros program of the 40's and 50's that will allow migrant workers to work legally. You might be surprised to know that most of them would far prefer this - and would gladly pay the taxes that go with it. Do I advocate throwing open our borders to just anyone? No. But if you give the bulk of what is currently illegal traffic a simple legal way to enter this country the traffic that remains would be MUCH easier to handle. Also keep in mind that those who blew up the Twin Towers were here comletely legally. Using the banner of KEEPING YOU SAFE in the immigration debate is just stupid.

Third: Target the employers who make money using illegal aliens. NOT people who give them aid (like water stations) but those who hire them LIKE WALMART. If some little old lady is caught giving an illegal a ride out of the desert heat she'll have her car confiscated ...but if a company gets caught with 50 illegals working in their warehouse they get a slap on the wrist. This is totally unbalanced. Typical of the GOP to be talking out of both sides of their mouths. I suggest that when big companies get busted with a warehouse full of illegals seize the warehouse and contents...

It is very easy to file illegal aliens under the heading of THEY and make them seem evil but THEY are just people trying for a better life for their families. This is the same thing that drove many of our ancestors to these shores - back in the days when immigration was a heck of a lot more straight forward. Modern legal immigrants from developed nations have a place to live and money in the bank while waiting for Visa or green card. Most that come through our borders to the south do not. We are a nation of immigrants and to say "we've got ours now screw the rest of you" is a sentiment that I hear too often these days.


Blogger David Daniel said...

She's on fire!

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Blogger AZnurse said...

You are so on the money on this one! One trip to Altar and a good hard look at what is really happening and most folks might reconsider this issue.
Radi Ann

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