Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Around The Loop

David and I have started bike riding in the evenings. This is a relatively new mode of transportation for me – as a kid if I was going somewhere it was on a horse. Since being horseless I’ve done a lot of walking but this is certainly an enjoyable way to see as much at a faster pace. Well it will be once I can get past the point where a minute’s inattention to the workings of it all won’t kill me. David says I ride like an 8 year old girl and he’s not far off! My lack of experience is evident but he is very patient and we’re coming along nicely.
Last night’s ride was short but very enjoyable. There is so much pretty countryside right here by the house. Now that it’s greening up Georgia is really beautiful. We made a loop of a couple of miles through emerald green hayfields and came back on a dirt road that runs perpendicular to ours. Down a couple of hills with little whoop de do’s and we leveled out at a little pond. It’s always pretty but it was perfectly gleaming in the twilight and the sound of the night orchestra of frogs tuning up added a sprinkle of magic to the scene. Unfortunately the pond was a little overfull and draining off across the road. We found the mud; well I should say David found it! I managed to avoid the worst of it but that stuff sure does stick!
At the end of our tour we had to kick it up to double time to beat the train before it stopped to load cars on the spur line by the house. It blocks the road there for 15 minutes or so and we pulled up in the yard just as they backed down the track. We paused in the yard just in time to see the sky deepen to pink. What a perfect way to spend a spring evening! I am looking forward to many more of these outings.


Blogger David Daniel said...

The mud cannot be understated. There was at least 5 pounds of it crammed between my tire and my brakes. They just don't go with that crap in there!

11:14 AM  
Blogger rainvalley said...

Yeah right - how come *I* didn't get muddy? Dirty boy!

12:53 PM  
Blogger David Daniel said...

...but you said you liked it when I was a "dirty boy"...I was only trying to please you!

8:04 AM  

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