Monday, March 28, 2005

The Windowsill

Last week it was spring but today it’s not so clear the season has changed. The sun is shining weakly through streaks of dark clouds and there is a raw wind whipping the trees. But on the windowsill this morning it is evident that spring is here. In the tall apothecary jar are the last of the crimson camellias and a branch from an unfamiliar tree with leaf buds as big as a baby’s fist just starting to burst. On the other side is a slender branch from a downed tree I found at the Kettle Creek Battle Site. The flowers look like tiny fuschia orchids and it has delicate leaflettes of palest green. Beneath the bower of these branches, in a tiny apothecary bottle, is an old fashioned pansy burgundy, ivory and purple. I’m generally not partial to pinks but against the background of gray outside it’s the perfect blend of colors to brighten the day.

Eventually I’ll have to venture out into the chilly day but for now I’ll enjoy spring indoors on this side of the window!


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