Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Chilly Chile Chili

In honor of yesterday’s return to winter I decided to make Black Bean Chipotle Chili last night. A recipe on another blog Cooking with Amy inspired me to add Chipotle in Adobo to spice things up a bit. I changed the recipe some, substituting some things and adding others. It was pretty darn good – and even pretty! The cornbread balanced the equation however….overdone on top and raw in the middle. There are a few things toaster ovens can’t do I guess. Topped off with a green salad with ranch dressing (with adobo paste added to it – yum!) and we had a really nice meal.
Even though it’s back to winter outdoors inside it is spring! The tomatoes have sprouted! The got a jump on me, sprouting in about 5 days so I was pretty shocked when I checked for early risers to find most up and running! I rigged the lights in the guest bathroom tub until I can get out and hang them in the shed. When I see the little green shoots I imagine standing in the garden, a sunwarmed tomato, saltshaker in hand – my favorite way to eat them. I’m going to try not to go too overboard but 30 healthy plants or so should make for a nice surplus to set out on a table by the road. I’ve started all heirlooms , Yellow Brandywine, Black From Tula, Black Krim, Howard German and Chadwick Cherry. Some of the seeds were a couple of years old but still seemed to have a good germination rate. I may start a few more – you can never have too many tomato plants!
Later in the evening we had planned to take a nice hot bath. Having a real bathtub in this great old house is such a pleasure. I went to get some lavender essential oil while the water was running and returned to Eeeewww….! The heavy rains have stirred up the well a bit and a romantic bubble bath just looses its charm when the water is yellow!
Just before bed we went outside to see the almost full moon. Clear skies with just a few wisps of clouds, it was beautiful! The usual evening chorus was pretty quiet, too cold for all but the hardiest singers. The wind finally died down to just a breeze, winter departing again…back to SPRING!


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