Sunday, March 27, 2005

Late Start To Beaufort

Saturday’s meanderings started late. A wonderful morning lounging with coffee and conversation got us out the door by 11. Breakfast past we aimed at brunch. Dining in Georgia is an ongoing challenge. We have been spoiled by the kinship of good food and good company in Bisbee and have yet to find much of either here. But we persist in our quest. We ate at the Wishbone Café in Waynesboro. It was unexceptional in every way but at least it wasn’t awful. The waitress was telling a story about someone’s prayers being answered. I wonder if I prayed for a Bisbee Breakfast Club here in GA….

After dining our wanderings took us to Beaufort South Carolina (pronounced Bu-fort). The Southern coast is a bit odd to me. A little too lush, a little too tropical, I’m used to the Cape’s sparser look. But the water is the same - always the feeling of coming home. A few drops of salt water brought to my lips and wet on my forehead and I feel washed clean.

The coast is jagged now, a true testament to the nature of a hurricane. It is a strange feeling walking on a beach studded by tree stumps and outlined by entire downed trees, roots upended.

The Hunting State Park reminds me a little of the National Sea Shore. On Easter weekend the campground is loaded with kids on bikes and parents standing around the campfire. It is good to see families enjoying the outdoors.

We wandered around Beaufort for a little while, just enough to get a taste of what seems to be an interesting place. There are lovely historic homes and buildings. The town has an old New England feel to it and the downtown area seems quaint and prosperous. Not the touristy beach town feel of Tybee Island, more like people actually live there year-round. We’ll have to explore more on another visit.

We head home after dark, about 130 miles. We fall into bed tired and happy. David has made some good pictures and I’ve even managed to get a couple too. A good lesson today – just because you get a bit of a late start it sure doesn’t mean you have to waste a great day!


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