Saturday, March 26, 2005

Almost perfect

Sometimes a day is almost perfect - even if you aren't quite in the place you want to be. I'd rather be in Bisbee. But that being said yesterday in Georgia was pretty close.....

Waking up next to someone you love - and snuggling back into the covers is such a pleasure. I love our mornings. Those few moments before the day begins when it it just us.

There are days in the spring where the sun shines just right and the breeze blows all good things your way. There were no sheets on the line but I could hear them snapping anyway.

I played in the dirt yesterday. There is something about the connection between the sun and the soil that makes me feel alive. I didn't plant much - a few morning glory seeds to wind up one of the old chimneys, some herbs in a washtub by the kitchen door. I can't decide what else to plant or where just yet. I'm holding on to the possibilities for another day or two.

Dealing with Bellsouth and DSL is too boring to include. Back online after some more minor technical difficulties. Wireless again with help from the Computer King later in the evening.

I did laundry. At first I hated to waste even part of a 'premium day' but I sat in the van with the door open and the sun on my face. I flipped through Moosewood Cooks At Home trying to find something fitting for such a fine day. Even a dirty parking lot in Wrens Georgia can be almost perfect.

David home at last, and while there was still enough light to enjoy sitting on the porch. In the rocker in his boxers on a conference call to AZ. Surprise love of mine, boyish and all man all at once. Snapping green beans and watching the last of the sun turn the world gold. There are those moments that you would like to capture forever.... the rich, full ones. You have to stop, look and remember.

Dinner was simple but memorable. Garden salad with balsamic vinegrette - I added a splash of OJ, have to remember that. Talapia with garlic and carmelized onions, lemon wedges from one of Dad's lemons. Fresh green beans with butter - still crisp enough to squeak. Brown rice with sundried tomatoes, feta, parsley and cilantro. Brown bread heated in the toaster oven. I guess I should have lit candles but it was so pretty it didn't need embellishment. My food is generally not pretty. I guess it was the day, and the company that made it come together so nicely.

Some of Seth's coffee from a french press and a quiet evening looking at pictures from our adventures may sound mundane but it made me perfectly content. The activities are simple but the partnership is the key. A few minutes on the porch looking at the almost full moon and listening. Nature does not feel the need to be quiet here. It sings out it's Nocturne full volume.

The end of the day. Fresh pillowcases. Those few moments before sleep overtakes us when once again it's just us. Perfect in all ways. These ARE the little things that make life sweet.


Blogger David Daniel said...

I am just so glad that I got to be the one to share it with you...

I love you!

7:52 AM  

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