Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where have you been??

One of my friends emailed me the other day and asked why I haven’t been blogging lately. It’s been an interesting six months or so for David and me. He has a new job with Telelogic that involves onsite consulting and teaching classes with some telecommuting weeks in between. It’s almost a full time travel situation and we never know where we’ll end up. It seemed like an odd time to make this kind of change with the house remodel exactly half done and the possibility of a ‘safe bet’ job closer to home. But we decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up, to indulge our wanderlust with someone else footing most of the bill, and so far so good. David does all the work and I go along for the ride but I keep pretty busy managing the scheduling, researching upcoming locations and wrangling receipts. Kind of the personal assistant I guess. I’m also working on an article about telecommuting that I hope to wrap up after we hit a few more interesting locations.

You would think with our recent adventures I’d have plenty to say but really I just haven’t had the mental down time to put our experiences into words. I’m going to try to do better with that – if nothing else just a quick journal to act as a time line. We’ve been on the road for four months now with only one weekend back home and have had a fantastic adventure so far. We’ve seen and done so many things in such a short time that the experiences pile up on top of each other. I’ll have to go back over some of the highlights in detail in future posts – San Miguel de Allende Mexico, Manhattan, Kansas City, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Raleigh, Memphis…. It’s been a wild ride.

Most recently we’ve been coming to Massachusetts between trips and hanging out in an RV park with my father on the beach in Brant Rock (Marshfield). It’s a great place to just be. David has been telecommuting, a task which sometimes requires a lot of ingenuity here on the hairy edge of the cell phone signal world. He has been diligent in keeping up with work and I’ll have to admit I’ve been a lazy slug – laying in the sun and drinking iced tea in the afternoons. I actually have a real bathing suit tan for the first time in years. The weather has been entirely too perfect but it seems to be that way whenever David is around – beautiful sunny days and nice rainy nights. He will never believe the weather in New England is rarely good for this long.

This has been a great time to reconnect with, and really introduce David to my family. From a distance family can be anything you want them to be but up close and personal they are the nuts that you love to hate or hate to love. Actually they are the people you love even though they make you nuts!

We’ll be heading back to Bisbee this Thursday. It’s monsoon in full swing now so that should be wonderful. As much as I love the ocean it’s always good to get back to the wide open spaces of the desert.


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