Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Catching up

Sometimes you look up and months have gone by! Where did they go? Summer is past and by the frost on the car this morning we're well into fall. We had a wonderful summer with a good monsoon season. For anyone who thinks Arizona is just tan - think again! It was a carpet of a million shades of green this year with grass waist high anywhere you didn't mow (and mow and mow........!)
Some highlights include a trip to Utah's Zion and Bryce canyons and a spin through the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. WOW this country is amazingly beautiful! We made hundreds of pictures but none managed to capture the grandeur of the real thing.
Life in Bisbee has been good. We've renewed friendships and woven ourselves back into the community. However a possible job shift may have us on the road again soon - to Albuquerque this time. If we go we will miss this odd little town.......and hopefully it will miss us. But new adventures await through the tunnel so maybe going will be a good thing.


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