Friday, February 24, 2006

Back in the groove........

I haven't been posting much lately because at the times I've felt like writing I really haven't had much nice to say and didn't want to drag this down to being just another whiney bitch blog. I'll give a brief summary of what has been making me mad.... It's not that I'm mad all the time - it just seems that the things that motivate me to want to write are all fairly negative. So we are muddling on here in Georgia. Trying to get back to Arizona but being stonewalled by David's company. That is really making me angry which is probably why the other little things are bothering me so much. Between the stupidity run amuk in our government, the local religious fanatics, and the morons at Ingles grocery store pissing me off I've just been kinda cranky!

I'll let David continue with his reflections on the government - when a fairly conservative Republican jumps ship you gotta know something has just REALLY gone wrong.

The local religious freaks are gaining ground daily and that is a scary thought. If we think what goes on in the middle east couldn't happen here just remember that they've had 1000 years to steep their bitterness. We have the same problems - we just lack the experience.

I witnessed one of the saddest sights I've ever seen the other day in Wrens. A huge fantastic old Victorian home was torn down presumably to make way for an expansion of the already excessive Baptist church on Highway 1. Nothing was salvaged - it was just bulldozed and hauled off to the landfill. The house had been filled with wide board flooring, bead board walls, fabulous original glass windows - all gone to make way for more preaching. If these people spent a little less time praying and a little more on preserving the few beautiful things left of their past this would be a much better place. The homely town of Wrens is now that much more so for the loss but I guess now more accurately reflects the ugliness within. They should be ashamed. I hope that nothing built there ever prospers.

Ingles.... well I guess it's kind of the balance of good and evil. The Fresh Market in Augusta is so wonderful Ingles must be the opposite. 'Nuff said.

So that is a few of my gripes.... I'll try and leave them behind.

Today it's finally sunny and clear. David and I hit the road early and did a quick loop on our bikes. Georgia has kind of 'grown' on us lately and we're both trying to shape up a bit. With our quest in mind I've been looking for some new recipe inspiration and will try to be better about posting some of the stuff I come up with.

It's daffodil season in Georgia and they pop up all over the place. The yard is full of them. I'm also happy to report that a single iris seems to have survived the maniac mower that our landlord hired to kill everything in sight. I'm not sure what color it is yet but it's getting ready to bloom.

The wildlife have been very active lately. The turkeys have all grouped together and I see the local flock of 20 or so birds quite often. The fox was a frequent visitor to the yard for a while but it seems she must be off having kits somewhere because she hasn't been out and about lately. There have been large flocks of male cardinals (redbirds in Georgian) here at the house - I drove in one afternoon to see a tree quite full of them. They flew off in all directions like a tossed handful of brilliant red rose petals. I noticed yesterday they are now separating out and staking territories. One was in the bush right outside the window in our "room with a view" - so close I could have reached out and touched him.

We went to Cedar Key last weekend. That enjoyable trip deserves a blog post all of it's own and I'll try to get to that soon. The highlight of the weekend was watching an otter work his way up and down a small estuary stream. He'd pop his head out of the water, swivel around to look at us and then duck back under in his hunt for a meal of fish. We were on the same quest but I hope he had more success!

As always we are enjoying the journey......