Friday, April 22, 2005


These lovely thistles are growing all along the roadsides. They have the richest colors! I photoshopped this one just a bit for fun. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Jessyel Ty Gonzalez said...

What did you do in Photoshop? Looks pretty natural to me...

Either way, although the colors are beautiful, it looks like a scary plant, LOL. Thorns and the such don't really play to well with me :-)

12:18 PM  
Blogger rainvalley said...

I just hit it with a watercolor filter that I backed down to about 40%. It softened the background a little because the thistle just blended into the background too much. The thorns are quite wicked - I brought some home to put in a vase and had to handle them with my leather yard gloves because they are sharp!

4:56 AM  

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